Chief Egg Breaker - what kind of crazy idea did I have to open this Café? Hard to answer that, but along the way we've made some wonderful connections, friends, and continue to make guests happy through our hospitality and food.

She comes from upstate New York, and is committed to her passion as a Chef. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Felicity is experienced and wise beyond her years. We are lucky to have her working her magic in our kitchen. When not working, she is renovating her 100 year home which was once a goat farm.

Her experience as a production baker in her own business has benefitted us tremendously, from her beautiful presentation to the variety of products that she makes. Each Christmas she used to bake over a ton of Italian cookies, made products for seven farmers markets, and now she treats our customers sweetly.

She hung around the Café, so we hired her! She helps with our meals to go, labeling, and keeps us laughing.